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    HBO Tops Emmy Award List, Hulu Makes Big Strides, Netflix Biggest Streaming Winner (Sep 18, 2017)

    Last night’s Emmy awards once again provided an interesting set of insights into the winners and losers among both traditional and online streaming TV properties. HBO won the most overall awards with 29, while Netflix beat out the other streaming services with 20. Hulu did much better than in the past, almost entirely because of one show – The Handmaid’s Tale – which has been extremely well reviewed but may also have garnered additional favor by being deemed particularly relevant in today’s rather dystopian real-world political scene. That’s a huge coup for Hulu as Netflix has never won best drama, but it would be dangerous to read too much into it, given Hulu’s lack of past or broader success. Netflix won twice as many awards overall, including wins for multiple shows in different categories. Amazon, meanwhile, took away just two wins. In addition to HBO, NBC did well among the traditional TV companies, coming in third behind Netflix, while ABC, Fox, and CBS all took home single digit trophies. It still feels like HBO and Netflix are the real powerhouses when it comes to high-budget, high-quality TV, but the Hulu wins show that others in the streaming world aren’t being shut out entirely, which should be heartening to Apple and others coming into the game late but with big budgets and ambitions.

    via Bloomberg and Business Insider (award tally)

    Netflix and HBO Lead Emmy Nominations (Jul 13, 2017)

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    Netflix’s Cannes Movies Blocked From Release in France by Film Board (May 11, 2017)

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    ‘Manchester by the Sea’ Nomination Makes Oscar History for Amazon – Variety (Jan 24, 2017)

    Amazon has become the first streaming service to have a movie it owns nominated for best picture at the Oscars. This follows years of Netflix and Amazon content receiving nominations for TV awards, and Netflix has previously earned nominations in other categories. The catch here is that Amazon released Manchester by the Sea in theaters, so it feels much more like a traditional release than most of Netflix’s movies (The Little Prince, a Netflix-owned movie that didn’t debut in theaters, was not nominated in the best animated feature category despite being well received). So although there’s some symbolism here, it’s mitigated a little by the fact that the movie still received a traditional theatrical distribution (and did well there). It is ever clearer, however, that Amazon and Netflix (and potentially others) will continue to grow as a force in movie acquisition – the Sundance Film Festival is underway at the moment and we’re likely to see several more big buys there as the streaming companies beef up their libraries with exclusive content.

    via Variety