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    Alphabet’s DeepMind Deal with UK Health Service Deemed Illegal by Regulator (Jul 3, 2017)

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    Google’s AI Explosion in One Chart – MIT Technology Review (Mar 27, 2017)

    One of the big problems with evaluating which company is ahead or behind in a field like AI is that there are few external signals – companies work on a variety of AI projects behind closed doors in their R&D departments, and many of them only surface when they’re built into products and services they bring to market. Some have suggested using patents as a way to measure leadership, and this article cites publication in scientific journals as another. Certainly, Google’s publishing is a sign that there’s lots of work going on, but it also reflects the (deliberately) quasi-academic culture at DeepMind, its big AI acquisition, while Apple is also slowly moving in this direction with regard to AI specifically. Neither patent filings nor academic papers, however, have a direct connection to using AI to provide better products and services, and that remains very difficult to measure.

    via MIT Technology Review

    DeepMind is thrashing some of the world’s best Go players – Business Insider (Jan 4, 2017)

    I tweaked one part of the headline – it later emerged that Alphabet’s DeepMind subsidiary’s AlphaGo technology was the one beating all comers. This is the best possible kind of publicity for AlphaGo, DeepMind, and Alphabet around AI – creating massive organic buzz before it is even known the company is behind it. Alphabet’s Go experiments have been great advertising in general, but of course the key remains putting this same technology to work in ways that benefit ordinary people in their everyday lives.

    via An unknown entity is thrashing some of the world’s best Go players – Business Insider