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    Google is Developing Snapchat Discover-Like Formats with Publishers (Aug 4, 2017)

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    Facebook tests product similar to Snapchat Discover – USA Today (Jan 11, 2017)

    Though the narrative about Facebook copying Snapchat is generally fairly accurate, and Facebook has largely used Instagram as its vehicle for this cloning recently, this doesn’t feel like part of that narrative. Yes, there’s a carousel of sorts within Snapchat’s Discover section, but that’s really where the similarity ends. This is news- and importantly article-centric, while most of the Discover content is lifestyle-centric and highly visual (video and photos). And this is about bundling content from a single news publisher, potentially around a topic, which also feels quite distinct. This is also all directly related to Facebook’s other announcement today about news, which explicitly referenced this testing.

    via Facebook tests product similar to Snapchat Discover – USA Today