Snapchat Makes Stories Searchable – Mashable (Mar 31, 2017)

We’re seeing a shift among the social networks from making accessible only content shared by friends to opening up a much wider range of content from others, whether that content is exposed through recommendations, curation, or, as in this case, search. Given how much social networks have become essentially content hubs, the amount of time people spend on them today is much less about spending time with friends as spending time with content, and so the more content can be surfaced, the longer they’re likely to spend there. Snapchat is now adding search as a way for people to find Stories not shared by their own friends but which might relate to their interests, whether those are sports teams, venues, cities, or other interests (like “puppies”). That should help users both find more content but also potentially discover new accounts to follow on an ongoing basis, all of which should deepen and lengthen engagement. In some ways, this is analogous to the recent work Facebook has done with recommending videos in both its mobile and TV apps – both companies are looking beyond the social graph for ways to surface interesting content for their users. Snapchat, of course, already has its Discover tab for content created by brands and professional outlets.

via Mashable

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