Intel Consolidates its AI Teams (Mar 23, 2017)

Intel is announcing that it’s taking its various AI teams and consolidating them under Naveen Rao, who ran the AI company Nervana which Intel acquired last year. This feels like a sensible move from a company which has dabbled in AI in various parts of the organization but hasn’t become known as an AI powerhouse. Where things get slightly less credible is where Intel talks in the announcement about rallying the industry around a set of standards for AI as it has with past computational trends. Whereas Intel was a major player in personal computing, one of the examples it cites, it’s not nearly in the same position of influence with regard to AI, and so this feels like hubris rather than realism on what Intel’s role will be. Intel also talks, though, about bringing AI to more people, which sounds a lot like the “democratization of AI” message we’ve been hearing a lot from Microsoft lately, and which others including Google have also started parroting lately. This feels like it’s going to become an increasingly important theme in AI: less about individual companies owning capability and more about packaging up and making that capability available to anyone who wants to use it.

via Intel

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