Apple says it’s already fixed many WikiLeaks security issues – USA Today (Mar 8, 2017)

I suggested this was the case in my coverage of the leak yesterday, but Apple has now issued an official statement to that effect as well. I would guess Apple is still digesting all the information leaked – there’s a lot of it – but it has said that most of the vulnerabilities outlined have already been patched in the latest versions of its software, and fixes for the rest should be coming soon. Samsung has also issued a statement on its TV vulnerabilities, but it’s far less reassuring – it only says it’s aware of and is looking into these hacks. In fairness, though, the Samsung hack appears to require a USB stick plugged into the TV to install it, which means that if you’re a victim you likely have far bigger things to worry about than your TV listening to you – this isn’t a large-scale remote hack that would affect the population as a whole.

via USA Today